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Our Speakers

Nechama Laber is a master at taking profound teachings in our Torah and weaving them into powerful, exciting and meaningful messages for women and girls. She transmits Torah teachings and women’s issues with dynamic enthusiasm and shares relevant and personal stories from her own life. Her interactive workshops involve her audience and empowers​ them to appreciate their mission and leave motivated to shine their light. A powerhouse herself with a genuine warmth, love and care, Nechama is truly in touch with what a young girl/teenager needs to hear. Nechama has been creating curricula and teaching Bat Mitzvah girls, teens and women over the last 25 years in her role as a community leader, teacher and camp director. Her greatest pride is her role as mother of her ten children K"H.
Nechama is also a Judaica Consultant to help plan Bat Mitzvah themes/speeches and creative Judaica programs for schools and youth clubs. Nechama has authored creative Jewish curricula on numerous topics for girls. The curricula are available for purchase here.
Nechama's Comfort Coaching:
Nechama uses the Wisdom of Kabballah, Positivity tools and her Personal Journey to guide others to find true healing and Nechama - Comfort from grief.

Coaching or Consulting Fees: $100 for 60 minutes helps to support Jewish Girls Unite.
Nechama grew up in Brooklyn, NY and from the age of 15 she worked at Jewish camps around the world; in Suffern, NY; St. Louis, Missouri; Rochester, NY; Denver, Colorado and was head counselor at a CGI overnight camp in Charkov, Ukraine. Nechama graduated the Chaya Mushkah Teacher’s Seminary in Montreal, Canada and continued her education at Touro College. She has taught all grades from nursery through High School and directed the Capital Region Bat Mitzvah Club, Beth Tephilah Hebrew School and Jewish Women’s circle.   In 2006, she received the Capital Region Jewish Educators Award. Today, Nechama is the founder and director of the Jewish Girls Retreat, a winter and summer overnight camp, and Jewish Girls Unite, which is the outgrowth of JGR and is fulfilling her dream to empower every Jewish girl today to become the proud Jewish mothers of tomorrow!

60-90 minute presentations:

  • Parenting Teens Today
  • Practical Tools and Techniques for Raising Happy Jewish kids.
  • Tools and techniques for effectively reaching your students/campers and creating group unity.
  • My Father, Rabbi Wasserman's O”BM timeless teachings that inspire me today.
Personal Growth:
  • Transforming darkness into light; Transforming pain into passion and purpose
  • My Story: Healing a Broken Heart
  • My Transformation from Seeing the Roses to Appreciating the Pearls
  • Rising Above the Challenges: It’s all good, The blessing of Seeing the blessings!
  • Sing your Song; a Musical Journey through Song (niggun)
  • Revealing the Strengths of our Matriarchs in us
  • G-d’s Bat Mitzvah Gift
  • Shine your light, You are Never too Young to Make a Difference & Candle Craft
  • Something's Fishy, the Hidden Hand of Hashem & Sushi Making
  • Unlocking the Treasures of Jewish Womenhood & Craft Activity
Growing with Susan Axelrod & Nechama Laber
  • Jewish parenting gems learned from Jewelry plus jewelry making
  • Mirror Reflections, Tools & Techniques to Discovering your Real Self.
  • Tools for Coping with Stress, Finding Comfort in Chaos and Achieving
  • Personal Redemption
  • Overcoming ​O​bstacles to Follow Your Dreams; Dream it real! Unleashing your Childhood Dreams
  • Shine your Inner Light; Finding your Passion to Fulfill your Purpose
Check out the "Greetings from Nechama" blog.
Susan Axelrod is an effective and energetic speaker able to offer inspiration and meaning to your audience. With her engaging speaking style, Susan teaches and moves an audience to a high level of connection to the subject matter which always includes some contemplation about one's own legacy and the impact that can be made in our world. A professional speaker for two decades, Susan has an ability to engage an audience so that every attendee feels like they have had a personal conversation and leaves motivated to create positive change. Susan also offers personal coaching.


Keynote Speeches:

Topics include:
  • What Will Your Legacy Be?
  • Changing Your Worldview with The Philanthropy Formula
  • Transform Your Life Through Philanthropy
  • Helping in Healing, philanthropy can be a tool to aid in healing grief
  • Unleash Your Energy through Philanthropy
  • Aligning your Values with your Giving, Changing our World
  • Using Philanthropy in Your Last Chapter-Telling It Like It Is

Program Presentations:

60-90 minute presentation to private groups or clubs, councils, organizations, businesses
  • What Will Your Legacy Be?
  • Transform Yourself with a Philanthropic Plan for Good
  • Planned Giving Power Partners, creating a corps of effective PG volunteers
  • Strategic Philanthropy, Giving with Intention
  • Taking Control of your Last Act, Philanthropy as Your Swan Song
  • All workshop or keynote topics can be turned into program presentations
Rabbi Avraham Laber is a scholar, master storyteller, Torah Reader and historian specializing in American Jewry and genealogy. He is the founder and director of Jewishdata.com, a website with one of the largest International Jewish Genealogical Resources. His hobby is to be a bee keeper and share his passion for learning from these tiny creatures about the wonders of G-d and practical lessons to take home.

Rabbi Laber studied and received Smicha from the central Lubavitch Yeshiva in Brooklyn. He spent four summers as director of a 4 week overnight camp in Moscow, Russia and can speak Russian fluently. He was the Rabbi of Beth Tephilah Synagogue for 10 years and is currently the Rabbi of Chabad of Southern Southern Rensselaer County and is the proud father of 10 children K”H.


  • What’s the Buzz all About? Fascinating Lessons from Bees for the New Year
  • Finding Your Roots, A Multi Media Presentation using www.jewishdata.com

Our Speakers fee helps us sustain our vital mission to inspire the Jewish mothers of the future!


Speaker fee - $1000

Plus Transportation (includes tolls, gas, cabs etc.)

Reasonable room and board expenses

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