Hi Guys!

How  has your summer been going so far?  Please comment below if you have any cool boredom-busters.  (That doesn’t mean I’m bored, though).  Anyway, I have lots of things that I’m doing during the summer.  I babysit for my neighbor’s baby girl, I scrapbook, and I sleep late.  :)

Last week, my mother and I decided to do something fun together.  I looked on the computer for cool ideas, and I found a place where we could go rafting (they call it kayaking here, but it’s really on a raft) that was not so expensive.  After we gathered our things and made lunches, we headed on our way!!!!  When we got there, it was boiling hot, and I mean 107 degrees Farenheit!  We got our tickets and we headed down towards the river.  When we got into the line, we realized that we had not yet gotten our life jackets or the oars we needed.  :)  So we went back up the steps and into the tent where we found the right size life jackets and picked out oars.  Now we were finally ready to go rafting/kayaking!!

We got into our rafts and the woman who was helping us gave us a push and SPLASH!, we were in the water.  And I mean that literally, since there were holes in the bottom of our raft and we were sitting in water.  Wow, it was so nice and cold compared the heat.  I learned out to row row row my boat really quickly!  :)   Soon I decided to just head into the water- and I really mean Head In.  (see picture)  I was swimming near the raft and loving the cool water of the Jordan River as my mother was rowing.  After more than an hour and a half, we got to a part of the river that was rougher.  Wee!  Our boat tossed and turned.  Soon we were at the end and it was time to get out.

When we got back to the parking lot, my mother surprised me with chocolate-covered ice cream on a stick.  My mom said that for whole entire trip, I had a smile on my face from ear to ear.  Hee hee!