Hi everyone!

It was so cool to be in Israel (for the second time) for Pesach! The seder, which was at my cousins’ house, was very nice. They live in Efrat, close to Neve Daniel and Beit Shemesh. I have a bunch of friends there, so I just hung out over Yom tov. After yom tov (which was also shabbos), they had a community movie where we watched a Pesach movie. On Sunday we went to the Anne Frank Memorial and went on a hike there. That night we had a BBQ in Neve Daniel and from there we drove home.

From there we just hung out, and Thursday night was yom tov. On Shabbos Pesach was already over, but there was no time to buy back the chometz, so we were stuck with Pesach food. On Sunday we had the day off and we went to the beach. Monday was back to school!!

~ Tehila