Annual Theme

One More Light

This year's JGU theme is "ONE MORE LIGHT".

All around the world, women and girls light Shabbat candles eighteen minutes before sunset at different times. When they are bringing in Shabbat in Australia, it is not yet Shabbat in Israel, until eight hours later, when the women there light the candles. And then seven hours later, New York lights and brings in Shabbat, and eventually California. The Jewish women and girls in Alaska complete the candle lighting circle.

Candle lighting also reflects the role of women to illuminate the world around them with the light of Torah and mitzvot with joy, recognizing that being G-d's "ambassador of light" to this world is a tremendous privilege.

We invite you, schools, or camps to submit your creative expression of this theme in the categories below (that reflect the multiple intelligences of Dr. Howard Gardner). Throughout the year our creative content, online classes, global events and retreats will explore this theme.

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