Join the Circle!

We invite you to join our circle and help support our Jewish daughters as they transition into Jewish mothers. We are passing the tools to them from our matriarchs. You can tie your legacy to the legacy of our matriarchs and support our mission.

We hope you might consider joining us with a simple monthly gift commitment. Every gift matters! Your gift will be joined with the gifts of others as part of the global online movement to support Jewish girls everywhere.

You can do this easily by choosing one of the monthly giving circles below!

  • Join the ‘dance’ of supporting our Jewish daughters.

  • Give with Rivka’s kindness to encourage our Jewish daughters.

  • Share the loyal support of Rochel & Leah to inspire our Jewish daughters.

  • Keep Sara’s flame burning eternally

  • Join the mothers who donated their mirrors to G-d. Give with love to create the Jewish future.