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Register below for our New weekly Tuesday Roses to Pearls Women Workshop series to Discover what happens when we take just one hour in a week to come together as women, to learn, to reflect, to pray, to share, to breathe, to smile, and sing?


Our heart begins to slow to a comfortable pace, we find ourselves smiling and humming… feeling inner joy.

These are the after-effects you will be able to expect from our Roses to Pearls Women Workshops. We will focus on a verse from the Tehillim accompanied by leadership tools and creative outlets to attain personal redemption.

Share and explore concerns and dilemmas and see how we can find the beauty of a rose through the thorns and the precious pearls through the irritants in life.

We invite you to join us JGU “farbrengen” style using the webcam so we can see each other. Program leader, Nechama Laber has been teaching girls online since 2014 and looks forward to greeting you personally.

Donate any amount to support our mission to create an empowered global community of Jewish girls and women who are leading the way to redemption. Suggested Donation is $54 for our 5-week series. Zoom link will be sent to you by email.

Women's Workshop Series