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We believe in creating a setting for girls to discover their talents and use them to connect with Hashem. Stimulating, text-based learning, combined with art, creative writing, music, dance, science, history, and passion projects instills practical life and leadership skills and enables our students to acquire a love for learning and to internalize core Jewish values. 

Daily Classes Include:
Tefilah Tuesday: Chumash, Tanya Tools, Tefilah & Art
Wonder Wednesday: Chumash, Nature Wonders, Creative Pirkei Avos
Thinking Thursday: Novi, In-Depth Parshah/Parshah Art with Passion

Project-Based Learning:
Our project-based learning introduces students to essential themes in the Torah and equips them to explore those themes as they span Tanach, Chassidus, and Jewish History, and apply them to their personal lives. With a mentor’s guidance and a wealth of informational resources, each student will research one aspect of the theme in focus, and creatively use their talents to present the lessons through a video, dance, song, writing, art, or drama. 

Passion Project: Girls will receive tools and guidance to identify their passions and transform them into action through a project that solves a problem or has a positive impact on the lives of others, making the world a better place.

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