Are you good with children or teenagers? Do you like the idea of having summers off even when you’re an adult? Are you patient, caring, and kind? Do you have a passion for imparting knowledge to those younger than you? Becoming a teacher might be the job for you! Here are some important steps to becoming a teacher.

The start of your new life as a teacher doesn’t start at your first job, it actually starts in college. In New York State there are 131 colleges and universities that offer teacher degree programs (Teacher Certification Degrees). Four of the top ranked schools with education programs, according to Teacher Certification Degrees, are Vassar College, Cornell University, Columbia University, and Barnard College. The average cost of these colleges after aid is approximately $26,000 a year and the average acceptance rate is 14.75%. If you’re looking for a more affordable, closer to home college/university, Stony Brook University, which is about $14,000 annually after aid with a 42% acceptance rate, and Suffolk County Community College, which is about $5,000 annually after aid with a 100% acceptance rate, are both great choices!

To become a teacher in the state of New York there are some requirements. You must hold a bachelor’s degree in education, complete an approved teacher preparation program, pass all required exams in school, and pass a background check. Many teachers who plan on teaching middle or high school will also major in the subject they wish to teach. Some intangible requirements you should meet to become a teacher are the ability to listen to what the students are saying, being quick in extreme situations, the ability to take harsh criticism, the ability to understand a child, and the ability to adapt easily.

Being a teacher is very hard, good thing you’ll be getting paid! According to WGRZ, the virtual channel 2, for a teacher with a bachelor’s degree and no prior teaching experience the salary is looking to be about $57,000 a year while for a teacher with a master’s degree, eight years of teaching, and additional coursework the salary would be about $87,000. If a teacher has a master’s degree but no prior teaching experience the salary would be approximately $65,000 a year.

Basically teachers are really important, especially today, because of how they shape the kids of tomorrow. It’s a very hard job to do and we are very lucky that there are so many people who are doing it. Working for approximately 35 hours a week with kids who can be pretty annoying is hard enough already, but now teachers have to learn something new that no one’s ever done before. Let’s all thank our teachers for everything that they do.