The Editorial Board is a group of girls who correspond online. They are the main contributors to to the YALDAH website by writing, interviewing, testing crafts and recipes, photographing, illustrating, and more! Each girl receives one assignment per month, but is welcome to write additional articles/pieces as well. The Editorial Board also brainstorms ideas for future articles and features. It’s an opportunity for you to make friends with Jewish girls from around the world, work behind-the-scenes at the YALDAH website, and let your creative side shine!


Announcing the 2013 Editorial Board!

Under the leadership of Tamar Lilienthal 

Tammy Aryeh, age 11, NY
Fortunee Cohen, age 15, FL
Téa Freedman-Suskind, age 12, WA
Shterni Kesselman, age 14, London
Leah Nerenberg, age 13, NY
Tonni Schmukler, age 13, Montreal
Emma Seely-Katz, age 14, CA
Chedva Silver, age 14, PA
Emily Wilder, age 14 , AZ

Netanya Abramson, age 14, TX
Tehilla Finkelstein, age 15, NJ
Sarah Graff, age 15, MD
Shifra Weinstein, age 10, NY

Ellie Babani, age 9, WA
Mushky Berghoff, age 9, NY
Masha Pewzner, age 13, PA
Tzivi Wenger, age 13, Montreal

Dassi Saltzman, age 9, WI

Johanna Robinson, 12, MD

 Fun Page:
Chava Leah Fleisher, age 8, CO
Mushkie Lewis, age 12, NY

Laya Fishman, age 12, TX
Rivki Hook, age 12, NJ

Read more about the new Editorial Board in the Nissan/March-April 2013 issue!

Editorial Board 2012
Under the leadership of Rebecca Berlin
Sara Cohen, age 11, PA
Aliza Shenker, age 12, NY
Fashion Page:
Tova Braver, age 16, MI
Racheli Aizenman, age 13, SC
Chana Shaina Kalmanson, age 11, OH
Aliza Miller, age 15, IL
Shara Saketkhou, age 15, FL
Michal Moore, age 12, NJ
Rosie Rimler, age 11, NY
Yocheved Sadek, age 14, NJ
Temima Yellin, age 11, NY
Ariella Wolf, age 13, MD
Fun Pages:
Hinda Chesler, age 13, PA
Tamar Lilienthal, age 12, FL
Malka Shuman, age 10, TN
Ariel Ezra, age 11, NJ
Tammy Aryeh, age 10, NY
Sophia Berman, age 15, NJ
Gavriella Hagler, age 12, NJ
Yehudis Keller, age 15, NY
Sierra Klein, age 14, FL
Alex Kukoff, age 13, CA
Chana Raizel Minkus, age 14, IL
Sara Chana O’Campo, age 12, OR
Tzippora Schapiro, age 15, NJ
Tonni Schmukler, age 13, Montreal
Chedva Silver, age 13, PA
Deryn Susman, age 14, MA
Ilana Zerbib, age 13, CA

Editorial Board 2011
Under the leadership of Rebecca Berlin
Rachael Hannah Tahir, age 9, CA
Fashion Page:
Baila Finkelstein, age 15, NY
Yehudis Keller, age 13, NY
Leia Resnick, age 10, MA
Zissie Ciment, age 9, AR
Rivka Rapoport, age 11, WA
Leah Turner, age 14, Israel
Fun Pages:
Malka Bettoun, age 13, PA
Sami Smukler, age 11, FL
Miriam Chava Kramer, age 15, MA
Leora Alcheck, age 12, CA
Hannah Busis, age 15, PA
Meira Goldberg, age 15, NJ
Tamar Lilienthal, age 10, FL
Beatrice O’Campo, age 11, OR
Anne Prusky, age 14, PA
Aleeza Schoenberg, age 11, MA
Naama Sara Shmagin, age 11,CA
Frayde Trachtman, age 13, WA
Editorial Board 2010
Under the leadership of Nechama Saltzman
Abigail Kasten, age 8, MA
Fashion Page:
Miriam Azizi, age 15, CA
Rachel Provance, age 13, CA
Liba Rimler, age 11, PA
Yakira Zuroff, age 13, OH
Hannah Cohen, age 11, FL
Julia Ganchrow, age 13, NY
Mushkie Loewenthal, age 11, Denmark
Leah Turner, age 13, Israel
Fun Pages:
Yehudis Rosenberg, age 10, NY
Sarah Saltzman, age 12, WI
Devora Frank, age 13, NY
Tova Appel, age 11, WI
Rebecca Berlin, age 14, MI
Chaya Bockian, age 13, IL
Yehudis Davidson, age 11, PA
Meira Goldberg, age 14, NJ
Anne Prusky, age 13, PA
Naama Sara Shmagin, age 10, CA
Tali Trencher, age 11, CT
Chaya Wolff, age 13, MA
Editorial Board 2009
Under the leadership of Nechama Saltzman
Daniella Engel, age 8, CA
Fashion Page:
Menucha Ferris, age 12, CA
Sara Bashary, 12, CA
Sara Rivka Gelber, age 10, NY
Mushkie Newman, age 13, VA
Sima Kasten, age 9, MA
Leah Turner, age 13, Israel
Chaya Laber, age 12, NY
Fun Pages:
Shoshana Trudel, age 8, NH
Alana Bierman, age 10, NY
Ilana Katzin, age 14, IL
Esther Eisenberg, age 12, NY
Rochie Sneiderman, age 13, DE
Chaya Bockian, age 12, IL
Sharin Berman, age 13, PA
Lani Diamant, age 13, PA
Netanya Lerner, age 15, CT
Rebecca Berlin, age 13, MI
Molly Sonenberg, age 12, NY
Editorial Board 2008
Under the leadership of Nechama Saltzman
Alisa Laufer, age 11, MA
Fashion Page:
Leora Weiss, age 11, NY
Sarah Engel, age 9, CA
Shterny Fogelman, age 11, MA
Dalia Wolfson, age 14, NY
Sophie Porter, age 11, KS
Lea Shemtov, age 13, Uruguay
Fun Pages:
Tamar Genuth, age 10, NY
Leah Saltzman, age 11, WI
Kinor Stevens, age 10, Toronto
Emily Gordis, age 10, CA
Tali Gross, age 11, MD
Chaya Shifra Avruch, age 14, WI
Chaya Rappaport, age 9, NY
Shoshana Klafter, age 12, OH
Shternie Isseroff, age 12, NY
Rebecca Berlin, age 12, MI
Esther O’Campo, age 15, OR
Chava Resnick, age 13, MA
Editorial Board 2007-2008
Under the leadership of Talya Wasserman
Lani Diament, age 11, PA
Fashion Page:
Paige Erlich, age 14, PA
Nathalie Ellis-Einhorn, age 12, China
Jenna Grady, age 12, MA
Chana Goldberg, age 9, MA
Lea Shemtov, age 12, NY
Hindy Golomb, age 13, England
Chava Sneiderman, age 13, DE
Fun Pages:
Eva Blau, age 12, VA
Avital Fried, age 9, CA
Carmi Blacher, age 10, Israel
Adah Hetko, age 15, NY
Rosie Davidowitz, age 9, CA
Sarah Freedman, age 12, NY
Shaina Rubin, age 14, IL
Dalia Wolfson, age 13, NY
Ari Strothman, age 10, VT
Rachel Goffin, age 10, MA
Shoshana Jaffe, age 13, HI
Chava Resnick, age 12, MA
Editorial Board 2006
Under the leadership of Leah Larson
Chaya Altein, age 14, NY
Mushka Ciment, age 13, AR
Shira Cohen, age 12, SC
Sierra Debrow, age 11, SC
Elizabeth Frankel, age 9, MN
Leah Garcia, age 13, MA
Amanda Geduld, age 12, NY
Jenna Grady, age 11, MA
Divya Horesh, age 8, KS
Becah Kaplan, age 10, MA
Daniela Kogan, age 10, VA
Natalie Lieb, age 11, MT
Maya Linden, age 9, NY
Nechama Shira Maor, age 11, MI
Sarah Leah Nachimson, age 10, CA
Ruthie Nathan, age 8, GA
Nechama Pevzner, age 12, Switzerland
Chava Resnick, age 11, MA
Nechama Saltzman, age 12, WI
Naomi Savin, age 9, WA
Sivan Sax, age 12, FL
Chani Schreiber, age 13, Israel
Raizy Sessel, age 14, CT
Talya Wasserman, age 14, MA
Melissa Weiss, age 13, PA
Dalia Wolfson, age 12, NY
Editorial Board 2005
Under the leadership of Leah Larson
Esti Bernstein, age 9, FL
Sarah Esther Fogel, age 10, England
Lindsay Flammey, age 11, MA
Batsheva Goldberg, age 9, MA
Jenna Grady, age 10, MA
Menucha Milman, age 8, MA
Chava Resnick, age 11, MA
Briana Rubin, age 9, MA
Mushka Spalter, age 13, NJ
Eliana Trink, age 13, MD
Tamar Wasserman, age 11, MA
Talya Wasserman, age 11, MA
Tehila Werner, age 10, MD