Hi everyone!

How was your 3 day yom tov?   I hope that everyone had lots and lots of dairy, especially with the cheesecake from the cooking blog :).  Israeli cheesecake isn’t as cheesy, and it tasted mostly like cake, but it was good anyway.  Also, in honor of Shavuos, we bought special cheesecake-flavored yogurts!

On Shavuos night we ate a delicious meal made by my favorite cook, my mother.  Then my brother Yoni and my father walked back to shul and stayed up until about 4:30 in the morning.  Meanwhile, one of my good friends, an olah (immigrant) from California stayed over night.  After dinner, my mother, sister, friend and I learned the whole of Megillas Rus (although my sister fell asleep during the first perek because it was so late!).  My mother is so good at making it interesting.  By the time we finished, it was already around 12:30am!

On Monday it was not Yom Tov for us in Israel, but we had a day off from school anyway.  Yoni, who goes to the Talmud Torah, did have school but my parents let him stay home so that we could have a family day (since we don’t get Sundays off).  My father looked up different national parks and places we could go to see.  He found a cool place called Beit Shearim (literally meaning: the house of the gates).  There we explored different burial caves.  We even found the place where Rabbi Yehuda HaNasi and Rabbi Gamliel from the time of the mishna were buried!  We had a great time!