Hi Everyone!

I’m so glad to be making a blog- hope you’ll enjoy!

Anyway, I live in Karmiel, Israel (you’ve probably never heard of it!) which is a city in the northern part of Israel.

I used to live in Atlanta, GA in a pretty large community with a bunch of friends. There, I went to Torah Day  School of Atlanta (TDSA). Now, I go to a school called Amichai which is about a 15-20 minute walk from my house.

We have a cool schedule:

On Sundays – we get out at 3:15   Mondays – we get out at 3:15    Tuesdays – 1:15 (!!!)  Wednesdays – 3:15      Thursdays – 1:15   Fridays – 12: 15 (!!!!!)      Each week we have art class twice and sports twice.

In 6th grade, there is a special performance that the grade puts on in honor of the year that we have a Bas Mitzvah- our performance was last night!!!!!

There are two classes in each grade – my class has 26 girls and the other class has 24 girls! Isn’t that a lot?!?!?!

About my family: I have two siblings – a sister named Shira and a brother named Yoni. Guess what – they are twins!!!!!  Yes – they are both 10 years old. They share a room. They sleep on a bunk-bed that they call their spaceship and have a great time together. I have my own room with the best view of the mountains around us. I have a really cool desk with shelves that almost go to the ceiling. Even though most houses in Israel are small, bli eyin hara, our house is pretty big. We have 3 floors and a roof that you can go on and a small balcony.

In Israel most snacks are kosher; such as Doritos, Bisli, Cheetos and more! I was in a grocery store today and I noticed that a lot of the people there are Jewish! It’s so cool to see so many Jewish people!

Also, I love reading! Some of  my favorite books are: Puzzle Peices by Chani Altein, Shining  Star by Chani Altein, Shikufitzky by Shifra Glick, Mystery in Spain by Devorah Rosen, Room 201 ( I forgot the author’s name) and a book in Hebrew called gooli’s world.

I love reading YALDAH magazine, and this website is so awesome!!!!!

Write more soon!


This is my performance last night  ——–>